Joey Van Impe


Joey Van Impe started the music at 12 with the electric Bass. Learning all the tunes of the english band “The Clash” he end up at 13 playing the guitar and singin in a punk band nammed “The Muji’s”. In 2007 he enter the band Joystix and play rythmic guitar with them for two years.

At 18 he is accepted in the renown school of INSAS as Sound Ingeneer. He will finish it with Distinction and start the Tenor Sax at 21. The Love for the instrument grows and he decide to enter the Jazz Bxl a new private Jazz School in Brussels.

He discover the Jazz with his teachers Stephane Mercier, Olivier Collette, Bas Coojmans and Chrystelle Wauthier. After two years he leave the school and create with Orphée Lisein the K’Hawah Jazz Band.

He’s now working as Sound Operator and Sound Designer in Movie like “La vie d’Adèle, Sammy 2, Brak, …”


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