Géronimo de Halleux


When Géronimo was not even five years old he started playing drums with the famous dixieland drummer Bob Dartsch.

After a few years he discoverd the piano and started already after a few basic lessons of his father to compose little tunes. Géronimo stayed autodidact till he entered the School of Arts of Brussels at fourteen where he took lessons with Jef Neve , Pieter van Malderen , Stijn Wauters en Dieter Limbourg. Géronimo was the pianist of the Young Groove Society with who he soon played at the Zavel, Music village , la Tentation ,ect…

At seventeen he graduated with highest Distinction of the School of Arts and Entered the Royal Conservatory of Brussels where he took lessons of Nathalie Loriers, Bart Denolf, Diederik Wissels, Christophe Wallemme and Stéphane Galland. He started his band called Snap Trio with the great Cyrille Obermüller ( Bass ) and the little prodigy Casper Van de Velde ( drums ). Snap Trio played own compositions composed by Géronimo. After a few months of playing togheter they won the public award of the XL jazz contest 2012 and played in all the bars of brussels and bigger places as Fernand cocq & Zavel stages of jazz marathon , Music village , Sounds ,ect …

In 2014 he joined the K’hawah JB to record their first album. They still play a lot together . K’hawah JB is a new rising band in brussels. Currently Géronimo is getting his masters degree.


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